Pet Adoption: How to and What For?

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Pet Adoption: How to and What For?

Pet Adoption; By adopting a pet you take the responsibility for a creature’s life who was previously living with an organization, shelter, or with a previous owner. These creatures could be any animal such as dogs or cats, any bird such as a parrot, or a sea creature such as a fish. Nowadays several organizations are promoting pet adoption rather than buying expensive species of pets. This helps in decreasing the number of homeless animals who are just suffering from hunger and lack of shelter. These innocent pet animals who are living in shelters deserve more than that. By adopting a pet, you get the pure unconditional love that stays a lifetime, you get a new family member, you get someone who stays loyal than anyone else, and you bring happiness to both, your life and the pet’s life. It is said that people living with a pet are found happier than people without a pet. Your pet reduces the stress and anxiety that you used to face without a pet. You will find yourself playing and enjoying little moments with your pet. Pet adoption is not costly and you can save an innocent life by going for it. To make a big change in society, every little step matters.

Things to keep in mind before adopting a pet; Before adopting a pet there are a few things that you should be prepared for;

  • Being mentally prepared to welcome a new life into your house, as it is a great responsibility
  • Check all the things that your pet will need once it will enter the house
  • Check the food type it requires to be healthy
  • Check the weather that is suitable for the pet
  • Check the nearest Veterinarian center so that you can go there easily for regular checkups of your pet
  • Organize the house in a way that harmful things are out of reach for the pet
  • Learn some training techniques to easily train your pet and also learn some games that you can play with the pet


How To; Below are the steps to adopt a pet;

  • Check for various shelter homes or organizations that have the pet you want to adopt
  • Contact the shelter for the proper procedure
  • Prepare yourself for the first meeting with your pet
  • Do not force the pet or touch them continuously as the first impression can have a great impact on the pet, try to let it come to you on its own and make a strong bond with it
  • Check and confirm everything that your pet requires and also the things he loves to play with
  • Check whether the pet is suffering from any previous medical illness or the things they are allergic to
  • If possible, have the agreement of all your family members who will also be living in the same house with the pet
  • Do all necessary paperwork
  • And the final step is to finally welcome it into your home😊

What For; Why should we adopt a pet? This question does not need an explanation as we know how adorable they are and how much happiness they can bring into our lives. Their love is so pure and they love you unconditionally. You get a true and loyal friend which stays forever with you. You give a home to a homeless animal by adopting it which is a contribution to decreasing animal cruelty. You can save a life, who deserves every little happiness. Owning a pet can reduce the anxiety and stress levels that we all are facing in our daily life. It keeps us engaged with our pet so our mind stops overthinking. We tend to enjoy every little thing whether it is walking with the pet, teaching them something, or playing with them.