Bring Home Shelter Dog

How to: Safely Bring Home Shelter Dog

Home shelter dogs: There are several dogs that are homeless and need special care. Some are sick, some are injured and some are fighting for life due to hunger problems. There are many NGOs and many private/government organizations that work to rescue such dogs. They have created special shelter homes for these dogs so that they can have a home. In these shelters, the rescuers monitor each dog, provide them food, and provide them with proper treatment so that they can recover from their injuries. Home shelter dogs are usually street dogs. These shelters can also include the dogs that used to be a pet but have been abandoned by their owners.

It is not necessary to adopt a special species or a newly born dog. Instead of adopting an expensive dog, we can adopt a home shelter dog as well so that they can get home too. The population of these innocent creatures is increasing every year, but the land where they have to live is limited, which is not enough for them.  Adopting a home shelter dog helps both of them (the owner and the pet) experience a new and happy life. If you are thinking of adopting a shelter home dog, you should follow the below points to know, How to: safely bring home shelter dog?

Prepare your home: Your house will be a new home for a home shelter dog. You should prepare your home before welcoming the pet. Make a personal space for the dog. Decide where the dog will stay mostly, and bring all the things that the dog will need on a daily basis.

Training area: A dog might need a trainer to adapt to its new environment. The dog should be able to understand and follow the owner’s command. You should have proper arrangements and areas to train your dog before bringing the dog home.

Organize your home: Setting up home decoration does not mean decorating it for any party. By setting up the home decoration, we meant organizing your home in a way that the delicate things will be out of reach for the dog. This also includes the switches/electric plus of the house and the wires that might be dangerous for the dog as they have a habit of biting or chewing things. Keep shoes, books, wires, and other similar things in safe places. There are special things available in the market that are specially made for dogs to play with. You can get some of those for your dog. 

First meeting: The first meeting with your dog is a special moment. Try to give proper comfort to your dog. Let them come to you on their own. Do not keep touching them. The first meeting can make your dog believe you as a good friend.

Introduce the dog to his new home: Once you reach home with the new member. Give a proper time for your dog to get comfortable in a new environment. Introduce the dog to all your family members. Take him to all the places of your home and teach him where his personal area and things are.

Stay closer: You are the first person your dog knows. It is important to give them proper care. Do not leave them alone for a long time. For the starting few days or months, try to be around them all the time. It gives them the comfort to adapt to a new environment faster. Do not leave the dog alone with the kids.

Fun activities: Give the best to your new member of the house. Play with the dog, teach him new games, and give him bonus food as a reward. It will make the dog happy and healthier.Vet: Having the contact details of the nearest vet would be a plus point as it will help you in getting all the necessary tips and help that your dog’s health needs. Keep visiting a vet with your dog for regular check-ups.

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