0 Ways to Engage Your Dog Indoors

10 Ways to Engage Your Dog Indoors



Dogs love to play or walk outside. But the situation of the weather or pollution cannot be predicted and it can be too hot or too cold for anyone to go outside. As of now, due to covid situations, everyone prefers to isolate themselves rather than visit outside. Now staying inside the home is safer than any other thing. Whether it is a human or a dog, doing physical activities are a must for everyone. A dog needs to be physically active to be healthy and happy. It is not necessary that they can only play or enjoy themselves when they are outside. There are many activities that you can do for your dog to keep them engaged indoors. We have listed a few activities below for you;


1) Tug of War: The best way to keep your dog engaged is by playing games with them. One of the popular games that can be played with dogs is “Tug of War”. In this game, letting your dog win will make them more interested in this game. This will keep your dog inside the house and be a fun way to let them complete their physical exercise without even realizing it.

2) Which Hand Game: The other game that you can play with your dog is “Which Hand Game”, where the dog is expected to choose a hand. You can keep a reward for your dog in one hand and once winning the game the dog will feel happier and will try to win more.

3) Hide and Seek: You can also play the “Hide and Seek” game inside your house with the dog. This can be played in two ways: you can hide and ask your dog to find you or hide treats for your dog at different places inside your home and ask the dog to find them. This will be a great exercise and help in keeping the dog inside.

4) Fetch Game: Fetch game is one of the dog’s favorite games. Whether you play it in a large space or a small room, dogs love this game of catching things and bringing them back to you. You can easily play it in any room, you can use a ball, a toy, or anything to play with your dog.

5) Trainer: You can be a trainer of your dog, and teach him new things. You can teach him different commands, and make your dog more understanding than before.

6) Passing the Obstacles: One more fun thing that you can teach your dog is to pass the obstacles. Put different obstacles in a spacious room and ask your dog to pass through them. This way you can teach the dog how to cross the obstacles by climbing, jumping, or walking under them.  You can also play it by teaching your dog to cross a circle by jumping, and putting different treats after every obstacle so that your dog will enjoy the game and want to play more.

7) Teach Him Work: Teach your dog different house-related works. Like switching on-off the fan or tv, Passing the remote to you, or helping you in getting things done like when you are painting the wall ask him to pass the brush to you, or when you are reading something ask him to pass you the book. Dogs love to be useful and they are rarely ever tired of helping the owner. This will create a special understanding and bond between both.

8) Make Meal Entertaining: Make everything entertaining and interesting for the dog. If the dog is having its meal, try to create a game like who finishes first and gets a bonus treat as a reward. You can also first create obstacles and when the dog wins by crossing them, he gets his favorite meal.

9) Food Dispenser Toys: There are many food dispenser toys available in the market that you can buy for your dogs. Your dog can spend hours playing with the toys. In the same way, Kongs are popular toys for dogs. You can also stuff the Kong to keep your dog busy and happy.

10) Increase the Vocabulary: You can teach the dog different names and words. It will help the dog in recognizing things just by the name. Increasing their vocabulary of human words will create a strong bond between the owner and the dog.

There is nothing new, it is just some fun activities that a dog and its owner should keep doing regularly. All these tips are useful in keeping the dog inside the house.

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