Many others are listed on and When you browse these listings, please note that there are 3 types of adoptions that you may see. These are explained below. If you don’t find the kind of pet you want, fill out our Adoption Wish List form to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll contact you if a suitable pet becomes available! Shelter Adoptions: These are pets at the Haywood County Animal Shelter. The shelter is located on Hemlock Street (next to County Jail), and their phone number is (828)456-5338. Please request info about an animal by case number, not name. If you adopt from the shelter, you pay the shelter directly. Adoption fees, which include a rabies shot and neuter/spay, are:

Male Female
Cats $41.50 $66.50
Dogs under 40 lbs $61.50 $71.50
Dogs 40 lbs and over $66.50 $81.50

If you adopt a shelter pet that has not yet been neutered or spayed, the shelter staff will take your pet to a local vet the next business day for the surgery, and you can then pick it up from the vet, usually the next day.

HAWA Foster: Please contact HAWA directly at, or call us at (828) 452-1329/3751. Some of our foster pets are located at Animal Supply House in Waynesville Plaza (Next to Winn Dixie) and you can see them there or call (828) 454-5455. Adoption fees are $75. All HAWA fosters are spayed/neutered and current with their shots.

To adopt a HAWA Foster Pet, you will need to fill out an application and contract. You can either print the form here and send it to us or fill out our online application. If the application is approved, then they need to pay HAWA. Long distance Adopters may pay via Paypal:



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